SimpleCast v3.1.0 | 4 Mb

SimpleCast lets you stream live audio content like sporting events, talk radio, concerts and more. Using a microphone, line-in or sound card, you can encode real-time audio and broadcast it online immediately. It’s that simple.

Features and Benefits

* Streams in AACPlus™ for richer sound quality at a lower bit rate.
* Encodes in mp3PRO and supports Ogg, Windows Media 9, and normal or LAME MP3.
* Streams in multiple formats at multiple bit rates from the same plug-in.
* Enhances audio content with external metadata like a “Now Playing” feature, artist info and captioning.
* Monitors real-time statistics from all streaming servers, so you can see how many listeners you have or view your song history.
* Makes it easier to connect to all major streaming servers:
o SpacialNet
o SHOUTcast
o Icecast
o Live365
o Windows Media Server
o Wowza Media Server