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Descargar Propellerheads ReCycle v2.1.2 + Keygen-AiR Gratis

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    Propellerheads ReCycle v2.1.2 + Keygen-AiR



    SIZE ......: 01 * 4,77MB
    DATE ......: 03/2008

    Loops, grooves and breakbeats: Powerful sonic
    building blocks, and great inspirational triggers. No
    matter what style of music you're into, you can be
    sure there's a loop out there that can spice your
    track up a little, or even lift it to completely new
    heights. But handling loops and grooves equals hard
    work. Hours of pitching and stretching just to get a
    loop to fit your song's tempo and timing. And if you
    need to change the key, you're in for even more work.
    In the end, your loops are controlling you, instead
    of vice versa. But help is on its way. From
    Propellerhead Software comes a suite of programs that
    gives you full creative control over your looped

    Welcome to ReCycle 2.1.2 - The Ultimate Toolkit for
    Sampled Grooves.

    What does ReCycle do?

    ReCycle goes way beyond simply solving groove
    problems and cleaning up your loop act - it's a
    highly creative tool that helps you make the most of
    your grooves. In simple terms, ReCycle lets you do
    with sampled loops what you can do with beats
    programmed from individual drum sounds - like alter
    the tempo, or replace sounds and process them
    individually. ReCycle turns concrete-rigid loops into
    musical modeling clay, allowing you, the loopist, to
    do pretty much what you desire.

    For a video overview of ReCycle, have a look at the
    ReCycle product clip in our video section, where our
    product specialist James Bernard will guide you
    through the program.

    How is it done?

    Start out with a regular audio file or sample,
    preferably one of a rhythmic nature. Load the groove
    into ReCycle, and the program will "look" at the
    groove, analyze it, and break it up into its rhythmic
    components. Each part is called a "slice". The
    process itself is fully automated, but once the
    slices are there, they are yours to move, audition or
    delete, using the programs on-screen tools and
    controls. Other tools allow you to set the length,
    attack and decay of the slices, and to change your
    grooves' overall tempo or pitch, without one
    affecting the other! It's not magic, but it's
    probably as close as you can get.

    Then what?

    The next step is of course to bring your improved
    groove into one of your songs. At this point, the
    procedures differ depending on your equipment and
    preferred working method:

    If you like, you can use ReCycle simply as a problem
    solver for loops. Load a drum loop into ReCycle, set
    a new tempo or pitch, and save the results as a new
    file. Or load up any groove, and use ReCycle's on
    -screen signal processors: Compressor, EQ and
    Transient Designer, to give it some punch and
    distinction. Anything you choose to do in ReCycle can
    be applied to your loop, and saved as a new file.

    To use your loop directly in Emagic Logic, Steinberg
    Cubase SX, Steinberg Nuendo or other audio sequencers
    supporting REX2 files, all you need to do is save
    your sliced-up loop as a REX2 file and import it onto
    an Audio Track in your sequencer. The imported loop
    will play back like the original, but now you can
    change the tempo freely, and you will have full
    control over the original slices! Silence, move or
    replace individual hits, change volume and panning
    - your loop has come to life!

    To use recycled loops directly in a REX2 compatible
    software sampler such as the NN-XT and Dr. Rex
    modules in Propellerhead Software's Reason, Steinberg
    Halion or Emagic EXS24 (see full list below), just
    follow the same procedure: save your improved loop as
    a REX2 file containing the samples/slices, and open
    up the file from your sampler. Quantize it, change
    the tempo, retune or replace the sounds - Total Loop

    ReCycle can also export sliced loops in a other
    popular formats such as SoundFont2 and SampleCell II
    formats, along with a MIDI file to play the exported
    loop back with it's original timing.

    Real life applications

    Tempo and Timing

    Automate the tedious process of making a sampled
    groove fit the tempo of your song.

    Change the tempo of a groove without altering its

    Change the timing of the groove - you can even
    quantize it!

    Tuning and Detuning

    Change the pitch of a groove without altering its

    Make pitched grooves (like guitar riffs) fit into
    songs in other keys.

    Remodel the Groove!

    Remove and/or replace any sound inside the sampled
    groove without altering its feel.

    Create variations and fills out of a single loop.

    Alter the volume of the individual sounds in the


    Use ReCycle's Envelope, Transient Shaper and EQ to
    energize your loop.

    Send different sounds in the groove to different
    sampler outputs or audio channels, for individual

    Alter the ambience of a groove.

    Automatically normalize the levels of the sounds in
    the groove for optimum sound quality.

    Go beyond the Loop!

    Automatically isolate and extract individual sounds
    out of long samples.

    Use the feel of the groove to quantize other MIDI


    Installation Notes :

    1) Unzip, Unrar and run Setup.exe
    2) Run keygen in ReCycle program dir
    3) Click patch button for cd check removal
    4) Run Recycle and generate a serial with our keygen
    5) If asked to register online click "later"
    6) Close ReCycle
    7) Click patch button again to unpatch file
    8) Now you have a fully untouched registered version
    9) Enjoy this fine Team AiR release !!!


    No PaSs WoRd

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    17 mar, 09

    gracias por el aporte

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