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Descargar Google Earth Portable Gratis

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    fistkissforever está desconectado bovino adolescente
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    14 sep, 10

    Google Earth Portable

    Windows Software | Google Earth Portable | 28.90 MB

    Google Earth - a free program to work with three-dimensional model of the Earth unified by the power of Google Search with satellite photos, maps, site plans and 3D images of buildings, providing access to the global geographical database.

    Main features of Google Earth:

    - Look at your house from space. Whether you are looking for a specific address, intersection of two streets, city, state, zip code, or country, simply enter it in the form of «Fly To», click search, and ... done! Search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Find out the direction of motion.

    - 3D models of terrain and buildings Google Earth. Possible to inspect the 3D design Google Earth (terrain and buildings) from different sides and different angles. Interactive three-dimensional images of mountains and buildings - one of the newer and most impressive features of Google Earth. The latest version has been added even more high-quality models for many mountain ranges and textures in the models of buildings have become more realistic: the bricks look like bricks, glass as glass and general 3D world ceases more like a real one. This is another step towards creating a complete 3D model of the entire planet.

    - Share your information. All search results in Google Earth, program settings, and bookmarks easily saved. If desired, they can easily share with friends and acquaintances. Millions of users of Google Earth every day, add and share geographic information, photos and experiences with other users of this program.

    - Simple user interface. All tools are at hand, at the same time without interfering with main - inspection of the land and find needed information. While traveling over the Earth can be used as a mouse and keyboard, but I think everything is better to use the mouse - it is very convenient to "grab" the image to move around the map. The navigation compass allows you to manipulate with a view of the Earth and its various locations.

    Homepage - http://anonymz.com/?http://www.googl...rth/index.html



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    chocolatax está desconectado bovino adolescente
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    27 ene, 11

    mas copy paste... tengan la delicadeza de al menos traducir al copiar!! no somos gringos e ingleses, por lo tanto no tenemos la necesidad de que nos vengas a poner post en ingles... habalmos español, leemos y escirbimos español.

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    gatodi está desconectado bovino adicto
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    03 ago, 08
    Entre el cielo y las tierra

    grax. lo checare.

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    16 feb, 07

    no manches busca de perdis un traductor jejeje, saludos y buen programa, bajando

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